Initial value of point based on previous slide CL

Is there a way to set the initial position of a point based on other values (from this or a previous slide) but then have it free for the user to drag after this? If I just set them as numbers in the calculator then the point can be dragged but if I set it another way it is fixed.

Once you set a specific value, then it’s set unless you go back to the previous slide and move the point.

What’s the purpose of moving the point on the new slide? Maybe there’s a workaround.

@Jon_A Use one variable for each initial coordinate and another for the dragging. See moveable point with start position • Activity Builder by Desmos.

That’s the ticket! Thanks.

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Oh! I misunderstood. Thought a moveable point was needed on one slide and again moveable on a second slide. Couldn’t get that to work.