Is it possible to generate value of x_n by value of x_n-1?

Hi everyone, it is the issue that I struggle for a cup of days:

how to generate value of x_n by value of x_n-1, and save the values in a list or table?

I have a initial x_1=2, and f(x)=2x;

I’d like to generate value of x_2,x_3…x_n by the f(x) with clicks

I can generate value by action in desmos but the values can’t be save in a list or table…

any idea???



I have also wondered about building a recursive sequence in Desmos, but I never thought of using actions; that’s a great idea. Here is a graph that saves the values in a list: Recursion With Actions. Does this solve your problem?

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IT IS solve my problem, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I do this all of the time in my projects. I have this one project where I use Newton’s Method to make polynomial spiders. It is really fun! Here is the project: