It would be great to run a while loop

Will a while loop ever become part of the CL language?



No. CL doesn’t execute instructions in order, so the concept of a while loop isn’t really compatible with the language. There are similar concepts, like list comprehensions, maps, or iterated functions, which it might have at some point. Avoiding situations which could cause an activity to crash or freeze is a core design goal, and many looping constructs make it easy to accidentally introduce that kind of bug, but we’d still like to get some representation of looping / repeated operations into the language at some point.

Iteration would be so awesome how long till we have to wait for that

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You can wait right now! :joy:


If an internal counter where employed to a limit set by the programmer and reactivatible when the limit reached then it could be allowed, possibly! Many times a while loop is under 1000 iterations or way less. I need a While Loop for just 10 (ok, 30) but at present in Desmos I have to press an Action event for every one of them… painful!

Set While_Loop_Limit = 100

You could probably combine actions with a ticker to accomplish this. Here is an example: Graphing Calculator