Label a graph using Math Input

Hey all,

I’m trying to have students compare a function they typed as a math input on a previous screen with another hypothetical student’s function. I know I can label the graph of the hypothetical student’s function by creating a point and labeling it D(x) = 3x+8. But I don’t know how to dynamically label the other function on the graph, with something like f(x) = ${what_the_student_wrote}.

Here’s the activity I’m working on: anyone know the best way to do this?

Thanks in advance,

Looking at your graph. First, name your point, so A=(-1,f(-1)). Then you can use pointLabel in the CL to dynamically label point A.

pointLabel("A"): "f(x)=${s}"

I don’t want to label the point with its value, but rather the expression that the student typed in on the previous slide. So I’d like the label to say f(x) = x + 8 or f(x) = -5x + 8, depending on what the student typed on the slide before. Is there a way to do that?

@Daniel_Grubbs suggestion should work. Labeling the point in the graph allows you to use CL to call on the previous slide’s latex. Here’s what it looks like:

Ah, that makes sense! I missed the {s} in @Daniel_Grubbs’s example. Thanks both!