Latex as answer

correct = this.latex = “f(x)=2x-8”


correct = this.latex = “y=3x”

The program is not accepting the students response of “f(x)=2x-8” > it is a simple question where I am asking them to “rewrite y = 2x - 8” into f(x) notation. Nothing fancy.

But on an earlier slide, it accepts the “y=3x” as correct. All other coding is the same.

Try with backticks instead of quotes. There are more computational ways to check, but latex seems to work better than it used to.

I figured it out…thanks…I just typed the answer into the box, copied the latex into the code. Worked like a charm! I need to get more familar with the latex…“f(x)” was actually pretty complicated latex for me to know.