Latex for fill-in

Hello Desmos Forum:

When I use the LaTeX “\frac{}{}” it gives me gray fill in boxes for the numerator and denominator. I was hoping there was a way to do that with something like number sentences. For example, I would like 8+(-2)=▒. I have tried things like “\8+\left(-2\right)={}” to no avail. Is this LaTeX even possible?

Richard Punches

Verrrry interesting. You would be doing that as some initialLatex in a math input or something? Cool idea, sorry I have no idea how to do that.

Yes, all of my fraction problems, I create the frame so that students understand the kind of work I am looking for. For example, I had a distributive property problem that started with a lot of the steps and then as you progressed through the problems, it would release responsibility to the students so that the last problem just had the left side a(b+c) and they would have to use the previously developed structures to do their own work. The “\frac{}{}” works great. I just wish I could have a(b+c)=▒ + ▒.


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