Line thickness and dashed vs. solid line

I was on desmos creating an activity today and noticed that on the sketch component, students are now able to select the size of the pen. Is there a way to set the default size to the smallest setting?

Also I am wanting to have students graph inequalities on a sketch component, is there an easy way to allow students to draw in a dashed line using the line tool?

following - I was wondering the same thing about the pen but wanted the largest for my activity. I know you can set the initial tools and colour but was wondering if we had the ability to set the default pen width. Would also love the broken line tool so students could indicate asymptotes.

I haven’t seen anything that allows you to default the initial size. You can set the initial tool (line vs. math vs. eraser, etc.)

The easiest way of the dashed line that I have found for my students is draw the line using the line tool and then go back with their eraser and add gaps in the line. Not ideal, but much easier than having them try to draw a straight line freehand with breaks in it.

I too want to set the initial pen or line thickness. I didn’t think about a dashed line, but I like the sound of that.

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