Making a button appear

Good afternoon! I am attempting to make an action button appear ONLY after students press another action button and several minutes have passed (I want to get their grades in before they have the opportunity to go back and review their work). Right now, I have the following code for the action button:

hidden: time<3600

However, the button is staying hidden even after the appropriate amount of time has elapsed. I am not sure where I have made an error. Any help is appreciated!

I think timeSincePress defaults to 10 seconds and stops counting after that. You should be able to use timeSincePress(3600) or similar instead. I don’t know if there’s an upper limit on that value or not.

This approach will not work if the student is able to move from one screen within desmos to another. The time since pressed seems to move to the maximum time whatever it is set at using timeSincePress( ). You might look and see if these activities might suit your needs. Desmos Classroom Activities

Thank you both for your responses! @SteinSchreiber , I discovered that you are correct… I ended up just setting a password so that the button is hidden until I give students the appropriate password.

Here’s a sneaky idea I had a long time ago, but you need to log in as a student. Choose any input. Make a variable that sets to 1 when you enter some password or particular input. Aggregate to a numberList in a graph. Make a variable for the total. Use that as variable to keep things hidden when =0. When you’re ready to unlock student review, enter your password as a student.

I’ve used this too. Warning though:

This method only locks screens for students who have temporaly entered the Activity before you(as a student).
If a student enters an Activity after you, it will fail to lock things for those students(and those students only). Discovered this interesting aggregation quirk last year.

That is strange. Not sure why that would be the case.

definitely surprised me too.

when i was reflecting on it, it sort of makes sense in the spirit of aggregation kicking in only when a student has first interacted with a component. i’ll have to recheck this but this definitely came up with a teacher at my school and i verified it at the time. i’ll be rechecking this soon and report back.

in any event it’s easy to overcome this of course, just join the activity again as a different student yourself, but interesting nonetheless.