Matching expression to graph

I want to create an activity where students will input their quadratic equation and make sure it matches to the graph on the screen. I am having trouble with the code. I know how to do this if I just want their graph to appear after they type in an expression or equation, but unclear about how to make it match a pre-existing graph.

I’d do something like this in the graph:

In the graph CL:


where Input1 is the name of the input component.

c_heck in the graph basically finds the difference of the two functions using the values in the table. If the difference is less than 0.5, it outputs 0 otherwise 1. It totals the list of these values, so if the total is 0, it’s “correct” based on those parameters. You’ll have to mess with the table and the 0.5 to get it to your expectations.

This may have been more than you actually wanted. :grin:

Thanks, I will give it a try!

This is the activity that I found that I was editing. I did what you suggested on screen 2, however there are blue dashed lines through Quadrant I and II. Also, when I type in the expression in the input to test it out, no parabola graphs. I still have an error in the coding on the graph so I am obviously missing something.

Can you take a look when you have a chance? Monday 5_4 Distributive Property • Activity Builder by Desmos

For the first problem, in the graph, you need to click the blue circle for c_heck so that it doesn’t display the “function” in the graph. Second, in the graph CL, I have “Input2” (capitalized) you named your component “input2”. They need to match.

(Note: I just like using capitals for my component names, so they show up first in the autofill list.)

Thanks again! I think I am all good.