Not a question but a shout out

Thank you to everyone on here. I know all of us educators have been stressed about this year, but this community is a God send. Everyone here is so willing to help, and work with each other and that is such a great thing to see. This year is crazy but thanks to this community I have been able to reach distant learners and in class learners all the same. You guys have helped me greatly get through this first quarter, and from your contributions to my many questions I know the rest of the year will be great too. I want to throw a special shout out to Daniel_Grubbs because in the last couple months this guy has answered so many of my questions, and so many of other peoples’ questions. Again, this is such an awesome community and I am grateful for it every day that I teach! I don’t know what I would have done this year without desmos.


Thanks! I like the puzzle of it. It also helps me learn and get ideas to see what everyone is looking for, many of yours in particular. So thanks to you too!

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I have been thinking this exact same thing. I only just discovered Desmos (because of distance learning), and I am obsessed with it–finding, adapting, creating. The applications seem endless, and I can’t believe it is free.
If it weren’t for this community to help me with this adventure, I would have no idea what I was doing. I love how helpful and collaborative this whole process has been. Today is thanksgiving, so I am feeling particularly grateful, and this community is high on my gratitude list. Thank you to all who have helped! :heart: