Numbers reporting in content sinks are in a different format. Why and how can I fix it?


Long time viewer first time caller. I used a template created by Tim Brezezinski and was trying to modify for a little self check and teacher check as well but ran into a bit of snag. The activity is below and detailed question involving the format of a number reported out on screens 4 and 6. They are different and I don’t understand why. I like the output on screen 4 and want the same for screen 6.
Draft Scientific Notation](Draft Scientific Notation • Activity Builder by Desmos)

I want the kids to practice writing in scientific form from standard form like on screens 3 and 4. The problem comes in screen 6 when the number reported to them is not written in standard form. The CL reports the number as 2.6e-18. Do you know how I can get it to report out like on screen 4?

Screen 3 Possible student input:

Screen 4 output of the number in standard form

Slide 5 possible student input

Slide 6 output of number with same coding as previous slides

Even though the number 2.6e-18 is 2.6*10^-18, the check is not working even though the code is the same on both sets of screens.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


In the screenshot notice that typing in 2.610^-18 has approximately equal to 2.610^-18
I adjusted your text output to show what it really is.
I think the number is too small for desmos to calculate accurately enough to say it is exactly this. Probably need to send your input3 to the graph “SciNum2” and compare to a1 for marking correct as a work around.

?Thank you. I’m not sure what you mean by send input3 to the graph SciNum2.

Does it look like this in the graph CL?

number(a_2): Input3.numericValue

Then in my content sink I can compare SciNum3.number(a_1) to SciNum3.number(a_2) in a when statement to give feedback.

Or, in the math input, I can use the correct sink comparing the above numbers?

Thank you.

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I added a few lines to your graph on Screen 5 and called on the math input from Screen 6.
Then on screen 6 I called on the value of E in the calculator on Screen 5. This should work. The problem is the number is there is too much variation in such small numbers between the math input and what the graph calculates.

Hope this helps.