numericValue for a fraction

I want to check for correctness on a fraction of 5/13. It doesn’t like my slash sign. What should I be using for fractions in the computation layer?

If you’re checking strings you can type in the latex (with the extra backslash) \\frac{5}{13} otherwise I’d recommend checking for a numeric value within a tolerance range (round up and down to a few decimal places and look for a value between the two.

Is it also possible to put a variable in the graph and assign it the value 5/13. Then compare the answer to the variable?

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I used the tolerance range and that works perfectly! Thank you!

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Absolutely, and thats the preferred method. Method above in case you don’t have a graph handy and need to do it in CL!

Still, don’t forget to add tolerance in, esp when working with long decimal strings