Parsing a not equal to equation

I am having students enter the extraneous solutions for rational equations. I want the initial latex to be x not equal to (\neq in Latex), but the parseEquation function doesn’t work with the not equal to symbol. Is there a function that can parse a not equal to equation?

Slide 6: Rational Functions Test Review • Activity Builder by Desmos

I don’t know how you could parse a not equal to, but a possible work around would be to use a table and make the left column the x \ne and have students put their responses in the right column, then you could use your CL to check that column.

substituteLatexVariable will identify \ne so you can use it with the input to parse the equation. And then check that \ne is present by checking if original latex != substituted latex.

This is great! Thank you!!

This is a good workaround. Thank you!