Pattern match with function transform af(x-h)+k

Building a transform function activity that allows me to parse out a, h, and k. from af(x-h)+k . So far it wants af·(x-h)+k for pattern match. Note a, h, & k are all numbers.

Thought i’d reply to this since it’s the most recent of many posts on this sort of topic, and the approach below will also handle horizontal stretches and I imagine might help others with similar requests.
I posted this in the examples sections but I’m not sure how that part of this site is really organized, so here goes:

Desmos Activity Builder doesn’t handle af(k(x-c))+d function transformations well.

However this Function Transformation Component will:

  • allow for any parent function f(x)
  • graph any transformation applied to f(x)

Two versions, one instant and the other animated. Looks like this:



  • No dependencies
  • No RawExpression
  • Works well with correctness checks
  • It “just works” with little to no fiddling on your end
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Nice solution. I’ll definitely make use of this next year.

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