Plotting Piecewise Functions in CL Desmos

Hi everyone, I’m new to CL Desmos and I’m having trouble plotting piecewise functions. I’ve tried using the “conditional” command, but I’m not getting the results I’m expecting. Can someone help me figure out the correct syntax and commands to plot piecewise functions in CL Desmos? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

In the graph component or just the desmos calculator you can make piece wise function using { }.
Use inside the brackets the form inequality in terms of x : function in terms of x , inequality in terms of x : function in terms of x , etc. Place a comma between each piece.

f\left(x\right)=\left\{x<-6:x+6,-6\le x\le6:\sqrt{36-x^{2}},x>6:-x+6\right\}

You can also use a list of functions written as you would write a single function with restrictions. You can define each within the list (f(x)), or define separate functions and create a list from those (g(x) in the folder).