Prevent button reset on table focus

I believe this has been brought up before in conversation but just curious - is there any way to prevent a button reset on table focus?

If there isn’t, I think this qualifies as a bug.


It might be a known issue with intended behavior. Are you utilizing timeSincePress by chance? Per the CL Documentation:

" timeSincePress

(maxTime: number)

Gets the seconds (plus milliseconds) since the “Submit” button was pressed. It resets to zero if the “reset” link is pressed, or if a component on the same page is focused or edited. By default, it runs to 10 seconds and then stops. Increase that time by passing a parameter, as in timeSincePress(20)."

Yup, using timeSincePress for animations. It presents a number of problems.

Intended behaviour it may be, good behaviour it is not imo. Altering focus states should not reset things imo, it’s simply not a poor UX. Pausing something… I could maybe accept, but not whole-sale resetting.

I’ll leave this up for a few more days and if no one has a way to get around this or an explanation as to why this feature is intentional(needed), i’ll file up a bug report.


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