Resize an Image?

Can I resize an image in the media component? If not, that would be a nice feature.

You cannot currently resize.
Does the image appear horrifically too large?
I reported a bug earlier this week about the media component freaking out and becoming extra large in certain layouts. Not sure if that was the issue you were having or not.

We don’t have any native image editing yet, sorry.

Bugs aside (thanks for the report, @mxepstein!), images scale to take up the entire column width. The way to get it to size the way you want right now is to add space to the left or right of the image. putting it into a google doc and screenshotting the area you want works for most people.

Desmos fellow Jennifer White explains it much better than I do here:

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Thanks for that, very helpful.

In my case the image was a portrait so it was longer than wide. After reading this and trying, I realized that the white space I needed should be only on the sides of my image. It appears it expands the image to a set width, so I added white to the width but not the height and this caused my image height to remain the same. Thanks for the post on this.