Returning feedback with fractions and pi

I am trying to return feedback to my students based on their input to a math input box. The answer should be a fraction and have pi in the answer. I am not sure how to make this happen. Here is a link to the activity: Intro to Pi • Activity Builder by Desmos

I have been working on slide 10, and the answer should be (67/2)pi.

I think the issue may be that I’m trying to type in the answer to the code as a latex answer, but the answer is obviously not text.

So, here’s my solution.

In your original, you compared g=n. The problem with that was the latex of “67/2 pi” is not the same as you had for n (Notice the double backslash in mine). I didn’t really check but I also thought (even if you had double backslash) it might’ve read as 67/(2pi), which was not your intent.

I used countNumberUsage() to make sure it was in terms of pi, although it may be unnecessary since we’re comparing unrounded values. (Also, in your original since you were checking for “g=n” in the first line, you didn’t need “not(g=n)” in the second.

Thank you for your help! I got it to work for the activity I was working on yesterday. Moving on to a new activity today that I’m sure I’ll struggle with just as much! Again, thank you!