Screen locks: image behind graphs (and opacity)

Is image opacity now longer adjustable? And is the checkbox gone for placing the image in front of or behind graphs? I’m trying to do a screen lock, and those options seem to be missing.


They should still be there. Just took this screenshot now. Is the pop-out menu not showing for you?

Doesn’t seem to be there for me. I’m on this screen:

I’m a doofus. I forgot to click-and-hold.

Don’t worry, happens to all of us!

I am having trouble getting images to lock in a graph. I have been placing images in a graph to write text and lines/curves on top of the image. However, when students click on the image they get the 4 “handle” points and they can move the image which renders the slide ineffective.

Is there a way to lock the images in a graph? I noticed this happens on the slide that TeacherLearner posted above.

If you place the image in a folder and check the box that says to hide from students, they won’t be able to click the image.

Thanks a lot! That works perfect. This let me lock down the background in my Geometry Escape Room