See what students have answered over several attempts

I am having my students work on factoring skills right now. I have it set up so I can know how many times they have attempted an answer but I’d love to be able to see what they answered in those attempts, is it possible to set it up to see what they typed in. Here is a activity that I’d like to have it for. THank you in advance for any help.

I feel that pattern matching linked with some captures could approach what you’re looking for. If you knew that student input was the product of two binomials, I’ve calculated A, B, and C using derivatives. Then, you could probably use the quadratic formula and capture the two roots calculated.

Thought I’d take a shot. Here’s slide 1. For your other slides, you can duplicate and just change the expression in the note CL. I changed your correct sink to be a more stable calculated correction from the sketch’s graph.

You could also use the variable, m, in input1 to give feedback if they didn’t have an expression in a factored form. Probably a variety of feedback you could give depending on what you want.

I used a table to show the roots for each student input (if in factored form), but not sure how you wanted to access them.

That worked great, thank you so much! My cl ability is not anywhere near the level to make this on my own but I was able to modify it for the rest of my activity

I do have a follow up question, I would also like to modify this for when they are just finding the solutions. Right now I have them entering the solutions in a table. Any suggestions on how to modify the code to check for x= # and x=# in a table.

I wouldn’t use the graph to check for that one:
In the table CL, for solutions a and b:

check1= button.lastValue(`a`)=a or button.lastValue(`a`)=b
check2= (button.lastValue(`b`)=a or button.lastValue(`b`)=b) and
(when a=b true otherwise not(button.lastValue(`a`)=button.lastValue(`b`))
correct: check1 and check2

In the button:

capture(`a`): cellNumericValue(1,1)
capture(`b`): cellNumericValue(1,2) 

I’d probably give feedback in the note instead of the table, but still using the checks in the conditional.