Seeking CL Newsletter Contributors

The March issue of the Computation Layer Newsletter will be largely comprised of writing by users sharing their experiences with Computation Layer. Looking through the wealth of knowledge in this forum always amazes me and it would be so great to hear from some of your voices.

We’d love to hear about some of your favorite moves with CL, though anything CL related is fair game. You can share your favorite sink, source, or function, something you can make with these techniques, or something related to the CL community.

If you want to contribute to this issue, please submit your statement in info here (don’t post them in reply! I’ll probably miss it if its here).

If you have any questions, let me know!


I’m super new to using CL, but built some stuff with it in the past couple weeks, submitted my response. :slight_smile:


Wondering-- the google form only allows 1 submission. Did you want it like that? I have a handful of code snippets I use all the time that might be helpful for others. Many of them are from others on the forum (which I can reference), just really handy.

Compile them into one activity!

Yep-- If I had been aware enough that there was only 1 entry allowed before I submitted!