Self checking equivalent expressions

I want this activity to mark any expression equivalent to 2x + 3 correct.

I’ve read some information about evaluation, but I cannot find a good example of code.

Please support.


On the first line of input1, use the LaTeX quote symbol (on the upper left key on keyboard) instead of quotes " ":

correct = input1.submitted and input1.latex = `2x+3`

LaTeX ignores spaces. The quotes make a string, and strings require an exact match.

Awesome. Thanks for that. I never realized it was that simple.

Now for the advanced task:
I need to do the same thing, but with (1/2)x + 3 for a line of slope 1/2 and y-intercept of 3.

You might want to add the disableEvaluation line when using fractions if you don’t want them to see an approximation.

correct = input1.submitted and input1.latex = `\frac{1}{2}x+3`
correct: correct
disableEvaluation: true

You might consider having them enter the entire equation with y=\frac{1}{2}x+3
or use a prompt so that it automatically appears for them:

initialLatex: `y=`