Setting correct answer in negative exponents unit

I am brand new to using CL to help check student answers. This is only my second slide of my first activity ever. I want to have the CL check that students can simplify x^{-3} by changing it to 1/x^{3}. I am not quite sure how to input that into CL, I have tried //Frac. I got to a point where there was no error messages, but tested it with the correct answer and it did not display “correct” like I wanted.

My math input (named input2) has this code

correct = this.latex = “\Frac{1}{x^{3}}”
correct: correct

and my note input (unnamed) has this code

b = input2
correct = b.latex = “\Frac{1}{x^{3}}”
when b.submitted and b.correct “:white_check_mark::white_check_mark: Great job :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:
otherwise “:x::x: Try Again :x::x:

Can anyone help me out? Any help is greatly appreciated!

If you’re trying to match latex, you need to use backticks (by the 1 key) not quotes. \frac should also be lowercase.

correct = b.latex = `\frac{1}{x^{3}}`