Setting range values from random numbers

This is what I tried:


What I want to occur is to create two points whose locations are randomly generated along the x-axis. One point (A) will stay within -7 and 7. I want the other point (B) to have a minimum value of -8 and a max value set by the location of the first point so that its always to the left of A.

Does something like this help?

I think you solutions works just fine (maybe there a typo related to quotation marks)
Let me know if I misunderstood you question.

That solution worked great! apparently adding the number(‘b’)=b is the thing that needed to happen. Thank you very much.

So, maybe we can take this a step further: I am working on an activity for segment addition. So, A and C need to be at the end and B in the middle. This is what I start with:,7),a),7)

This is what I tried and it did not work:,7),a-1),7)

I am fairly certain there is something I need to do but I cannot figure out what. By the way, this is my first week learning CL language so I thank you for your assistance.

You can’t do operations in CL without using numericValue, so replace “a-1” with numericValue("${a}-1"). Similar for your “a+1”.

That works amazingly! Thank you. Is there somewhere in the CL documentation that talks about the use of ${ } that I could read more on? The last couple questions I have had have been answered with this notation.

Not sure. Use it to call variables into strings, otherwise it will just put the text in. Generally, I think if the variable’s output doesn’t match the input needed, you need to use ${ }.

For example, in the above, numericValue takes a string (indicated by the quotes), but “a” is a number, so you need to use ${ }. Without it, it would be undefined because “a” is just text. It doesn’t know where to look for the variable without the ${ }.