Sketch dimensions

Is it possible to increase (or set) the dimensions of the sketch window so students have more room/space to sketch something?


As far as I know, the sketch window itself is the same size. You can change the bounds, but that won’t change the size of the window.

If sketch is the only component on the screen, the sketch window will be slightly larger.

One idea I’ve requested (under the bug report option) is to make the sketch component be able to go “fullscreen”. The media component now has the option to “allow fullscreen”.
Hopefully they’ll offer/turn on this capability for the Sketch Component also.

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Hey @Jay , on a daily basis I need more space for my students to have more space to show work. Any chance this could be an update for the upcoming month?

Its not on our immediate radar, but I’ll add it to the feature request list.

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Thanks @Jay!
In the meantime, here’s how I maximize the sketch space…
Use one column for the note & sketch on screen 1; then use CL to copy their work to the next screen with a math input for the numerical answer on screen 2 also.
There’s also some CL for feedback on this example too. Hope it helps! :slight_smile: