Sum table values into a cell/ check sketch

Heres the link to the activity in question- Unit 2 LTC#1 [LT 2.A-2.B] • Activity Builder by Desmos

Couple of Questions:

  1. Is there a way to sum all the values in a column? (screen 9)
  2. Anyone know how to check the sketch of a vertical line? (screen 2)
    I was able to check horizontal lines (screen 1) and lines with slope (screen 3/4) that
  1. You can create a numberList, say L, from yourTableName.columnValues(row,column), but it needs to be in a graph CL. You can use one from another slide. Have a variable, say t, for the total in the actual graph.
    t= total(L)

Then, in your final slide, wherever you need to reference the total use:

  1. xyLine has isVertical. See Computation Layer Documentation

Thanks for the reply. I get the general idea behind your idea but it doesnt seem to be working.

In my graph (g8) CL i put …
numberList(L): table9.columnNumericValues(2)
number(t): this.numberList(T)

but in my table im not getting an autofills options for a number t

Found some work around and here is what i was able to come up with instead.

number(t):this.numberList(T) is trying to define a number as a list, so it’s undefined.