Trying to plot points based on student input in table

Hi, I’m new to using CL, and I’m trying to use a table where students have put answers to an x-value for an exponent in the y-value to plot the points and curve the students have generated in the table. I’m just having trouble seeing how to feed the point as a sink to the graph. Here is what I have so far:


This gives me my numerical values of student input in all of those y’s. Now how do I get the graph to plot them?

Not entirely sure if I interpreted your answer correctly, but you might wish to explore this activity. It might be what you need to get pointed in the right direction.

Yes, this is exactly what I wanted, thank you. I copied your code and only changed the names of my stuff that I had called it. It still won’t plot the points. It takes input into the table, but it won’t put the points on the graph the way the demo does.

Emily: there were a couple of errors.

  1. Slide 1 - the component is labeled “Choice1” (note capital C) yet you referred to it as “choice1” (lowercase c) in the script.
  2. You had not copied over the equations/calculations from the original graph component into your sketch component.

I have reworked your activity with these corrections. I have also added a few items as illustration of other options:

  1. When you correctly select the graph in slide 1 - a “Well done!” note appears.
  2. When you correctly complete the card match in slide 2 - a “Well done!” note appears.
  3. When you correctly complete the table and sketch a graph, the actual graph appears in slide 3.

Here is the reworked activity:

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help!

You might also consider columnNumericValues instead of defining each one separately.