Updated CL Documentation

We shipped some big changes to the CL documentation today! On top of the improved navigation you should now find better support for working in graphs, working with and transforming sketches, and interpreting math of all sorts.

As always, questions and feedback are welcome here!


Awesome, can’t wait to try stuff out!

Is there any more documentation on the possibilities of patterns?

The script doesn’t autocomplete (because beta feature?) and parse options are not displayed. Is there a list anywhere?

I was just trying to check part of student’s numerator and denominator for writing rational functions in this post which has a linked activity:

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Not currently. The feature is still being developed, but maybe in time.


Ok thanks for getting back to me.

It does autocomplete if you try it in the sample.

Index page is very helpful in the documentation!

It’s true that it autocompletes to that point but it’s quite hard to work out how to use them. I wanted to parse a radical yesterday and could not work out how to get the components using the “autocomplete and guess” method (would welcome any examples in this forum…)

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Jay didn’t link it, but he’s posting tutorial/explanation videos :purple_heart: for patterns over here

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Hi - I love this new documentation!

Can I just ask for clarification about the information for the history and last value of a math input. Are the explanations mixed up? It says the history gives the last value and the last value gives the history? Also, both seem to have the same commentary above the code?

I can see similar explanations have been used for history & lastValue of an action button so there is a good chance I am missing something. My existing understanding matches the explanatory text above the code for the action button… ie history would allow us to store a list of values and lastValue would capture a single value.

Apologies if I am missing something obvious!

Thank you - Natalie

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I came to depend on my ability to search the old format. Is there a way to search the whole document now?

There is! Right at the top of the screen. There’s also an index you can access via the side bar

But the bar at the top only searches for components, sinks, sources. There doesn’t seem to be any way to search for phrases in the documentation and since everything is collapsed, you can’t even use the browser’s ctrl-F search without first expanding the relevant section. But if you knew where it was you wouldn’t need to search. While the index is helpful, it would be nice if a full-text search feature were included.


That sounds like a good idea. Out of curiosity, what types of search terms have you used in the past or might want to in the future? No need to answer if you’re not comfortable.

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I don’t recall specifically, but sometimes I remember having seen something in the example code, but I don’t remember what it was listed under, so even getting all of the hits for a certain sink would be nice since that would show me different places it is being used in the code and how it is being used, instead of currently where it just shows you the entry for the sink.

Thats useful, thanks!

I tried searching for the beta pattern matching and it didn’t come up, but I agree with @MwlBrian, I like being able to search the whole documentation. Maybe I don’t know what a source or sink is called but know what it does and search for key terms that might be in its description.

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Awesome, thanks. Pattern matching is largely undocumented and won’t show up in search, but we’ll see what we can do about text search to make it easier to find things.

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Thanks. I’m really glad to find it!