Using a function entered in a table for content

I have a table on a previous slide where students have entered equations. I want to refer to these equations in the note on the next slide. I’m stuck. Here is what I have for the content at the moment:

eq1 = (simpleFunction(table4.cellContent(1,2))


Unless you are evaluating the function/rule somewhere, you don’t need to use simpleFunction.

You can just use

eq1_string = table4.cellContent(1,2)

Then later refer to it in content like content: "${eq1_string}"

If you want to use it in a graph screen, you might then do something like

function("f"): simpleFunction(eq1_string)

Is there a way to get ${eq1_string} to render as latex? In particular, when students enter fractions for the rate or constant? I have tried various combinations of locations for the ` symbol, but no luck yet.

If you take out the middle step and just refer to tableContent(1,2) directly it should graph. Just make sure the column formats as math.

Actually, the other way should work too… You want latex in the note?

Yes, latex in the note so that fractions (for instance) format properly.

I think I can help with that. What do you have so far?

eq1_string = table4.cellContent(1,2)
eq2_string = table4.cellContent(2,2)

Here is what I have. Note, I seem to need to write since actually using the dollar sign here generates latex

"On the last screen you entered the equations:

Using those equations to help, calculate the time and distance where the Red Dot will catch the Orange Dot.
(Note: You can use the table to help with the calculations.)"




Honestly, I could swear I tried that!:crazy_face: Thanks again!

Relatedly, you forgot the little ` marks on this “Try It” screen in the documentation: