Using CL to plot student math input points

I have a shortened version of my classroom activity here:

It’s introducing systems of linear inequalities. On the first slide, I want the students to write the two inequalities, verify they are correct, and see the graph. On the second slide, I want it to have the graph from the first slide and then let the students plot their own three solutions on to the graph. I’ve tried so many variations to get the student points to show…so if it looks way overdone…it didn’t start that way.

Can anyone help me clean up my code so both linear inequalities (student-generated) display on the second slide AND all three ordered pairs they plot also display? Please?


You just need coordinate pairs preset in your graph - say, (x1,y1), (x2,y2), (x3,y3) - and then use the parseOrderedPair function to populate x1, y1, x2, etc. individually. You were pretty much there with what you had, but see:

Thank you! I wasn’t realizing the graph settings needed to include the ordered pairs. I thought the issue was purely with the CL.
Thanks again!