Using parseEquation in a table to check equations?

Hoping to get some more help! I am working on Midpoint Formula with my students and I want to be able to check each step of their work. I am currently using this.latex to check each step in the table, but I have come across too many versions of the equation to have to type in order to check each option. I was wondering if there was a way to use parseEquation to check for equivalent equations within the table for this assignment:

This is the code I am currently using:

correct: this.cellContent(1,3)=“:heavy_check_mark:” and this.cellContent(1,5) =“:heavy_check_mark:” and this.cellContent(2,3)=“:heavy_check_mark:” and this.cellContent(2,5)=“:heavy_check_mark:” and this.cellContent(3,3)=“:heavy_check_mark:” and this.cellContent(3,5)=“:heavy_check_mark:

when (this.cellContent(1,2) =“\frac{-1+x}{2}=-9” or this.cellContent(1,2)=“\frac{x±1}{2}=-9”)“:heavy_check_mark:
otherwise “”

when (this.cellContent(1,4) =“\frac{9+y}{2}=-10” or this.cellContent(1,4) =“\frac{y+9}{2}=-10”)“:heavy_check_mark:
otherwise “”

when (this.cellContent(2,2)=“-1+x=-18” or this.cellContent(1,4) =“x±1=18”)“:heavy_check_mark:
otherwise “”

when (this.cellContent(2,4) =“9+y=-20” or this.cellContent(1,4) =“y+9=-20”)“:heavy_check_mark:
otherwise “”

when this.cellContent(3,2)=“x=-17” “:heavy_check_mark:
otherwise “”

when this.cellContent(3,4) =“y=-29” “:heavy_check_mark:
otherwise “”

cellDisableEvaluation(1,2): true
cellDisableEvaluation(1,4): true
cellDisableEvaluation(2,2): true
cellDisableEvaluation(2,4): true
cellDisableEvaluation(3,2): true
cellDisableEvaluation(3,4): true

Also… if there is a way to make the check column thinner so that the columns where the equations go could be wider and someone knows of a hack, that would be awesome too!

This will get you pretty close to what you want. Note if the student mistakenly uses x for y it may still mark it correct. For dealing with column width I used cellSuffix to mark correct.

Thank you so much! I didn’t even think to use suffix in the table. This will be great for future assignments I plan to do. Thanks so much for taking the time!