Where did the full screen button go?

Hello Forum,

On Sunday, I noticed that the button at the top of a student screen that would allow to expand to full screen went missing? I was kind of hoping my students could utilize that because it makes it easier to see the bigger picture on the screen. Does anybody know what happened to it or if there is a CL I need to write somewhere to allow full screen again?

Richard Punches
Britton Middle School

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Full screen has been taken back to the garage for some repairs. We’ll put it back up when it’s done.

Thanks for the quick response, Jay. Any timeframe on its return?


Nothing certain. But I’ll keep you updated

Thanks. Learning CL has been slow going for me. Changes like this take the wind out of my sails a bit. It takes me 5 to 10 hours to make an activity still. But, I am getting more proficient.


will we have a full screen?