2 trains leave at the same time

I’m doing some work with unit rates and would love to use a dynamic model to model the idea of the classic math problem- “2 trains leave opposite stations heading toward each other on parallel tracks. Each are traveling at different rates, when will they meet?” I would love for kids to be able to solve it and then press a button to test it (similar to Click Batttle, by Desmos).
Instead of giving the rate, have the trains both move for a certain time on the dynamic model (similar to Turtle Time Trials, by Desmos) and students figure out the rate; then use that rate. Another similar activity with dynamic interaction is Taco Truck.

The lesson idea is from OpenUp Resources: Grade 6, Unit 3, Lesson 8:

“•Kiran and Clare live 24 miles away from each other along a rail trail. One Saturday, the two friends started walking toward each other along the trail at 8:00 a.m. with a plan to have a picnic when they meet.
•Kiran walks at a speed of 3 miles per hour while Clare walks 3.4 miles per hour. What time will they meet?”

@Jay Does something like this already exist? (If not… I see some great potential for others using it.)