Accepting multiple correct answers

I’m trying to make it so a question has multiple accepted correct answers

I came across this from another post

check1= ans=`(x+2)(x+4)`
check2= ans=`(x+4)(x+2)`
submitDisabled: this.submitCount=1
correct: check1 OR check2

I like this and it seems to “work”, but I also wanted it to show the student if they got it right or incorrect

I have also found this below and it has worked for numeric answers, but I want to be able to combine these two so when a student inserts correct answer they get the feedback too. Right now the first coding doesnt give any feed back and Im not sure how to combine the two

check= this.numericValue=2
correct: check
suffix: when not(this.submitted) ""
        when check "✅"
        otherwise "❌"


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Just change “when check” to “when check1 OR check2”.

Or you could make a new variable:

check=check1 OR check2

The was extremely helpful!