Simple Coding for more than one correct answer

Hi! I am VERY new to computational layers and have been trying to figure out a simple way to code for accepting two answers. For example, I want to accept the answer 1200 or 1,200. I have seen posts involving a lot more coding than I think I need for such a simple response. Can someone guide me, please?? :slight_smile:

Thank you for any help!

And this is in a math input section

Looks like numericValue will work fine. Nothing special

correct: this.numericValue=1200

thank you! I had used this:

disableEvaluation: true

correct: this.submitted and numericValue(this.latex)=1200 and

countNumberUsage(this.latex, 1200)=1

submitDisabled: this.submitCount=1

and it wouldn’t allow for 1,200 but I used yours and it worked great! Thank you !!!

i wonder if countNumberUsage treats 1,200 as 2 values.

I believe it does. I think I ran into that issue once when making an activity where the students were converting scientific notation to standard notation.