Action Button reveals graph?

How can I have the action button reveal the graph of a function that already exists in the calculator?

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Try something like this…

In calculator (note that “howGraph” should be in subscript)

f(x)=9x+1 {showGraph=1}

In the Graph’s CL

this.number("s_{howGraph}"): when myActionButton.pressCount>0 1 otherwise 0

The CL will set the showGraph variable to 1 or 0 depending on whether or not the button has been pressed at least once. The curly braces on the calculator are a restriction so that the function is only graphed when showGraph equals 1.

If that isn’t clear or doesn’t immediately work for you, let me know and I can make you an example to send you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the rapid response. Unfortunately I couldn’t get this to work. When I enter the command

this.number("s_{howGraph}"): when myActionButton.pressCount>0 1 otherwise

in the Graph CL I get an error “unterminated string” What is the this object, I don’t see it in the documentation. And why is the subscript notation used?

Thanks for your help.

Bruce Samuels

Take a look at this…

Again, let me know if that still doesn’t help.

Thanks so much, that works fine.

Is there a way to do this with having just a point to show up , instead of a whole function?

Yes, just put the condition inside the parentheses of the point.

A=(0,2 {s_howgraph=1})

It does affect the moveability though because the 2 gets “locked”, unless it’s determined by a function, although technically still not freely moveable.

A=(0,f(0) {s_howgraph=1})

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Is there a way to make a button show and hide a graph? (click to show, click to hide, click to show, click to hide) for at least a few iterations?

Short answer is yes.

showGraph = numericValue("\mod(${yourButtonName.pressCount},2)")

This would cycle the variable between 0 and 1. If you want to hide an entire graph component, you could use:
hidden: showGraph = 0

Or if there are individual functions or points in a graph (as in my post above yours), you can set a variable in the graph to the variable above:
number("s_{howgraph}"): showGraph

You can do something similar to change the button label.

Thank you!! I am super new to this and do not understand coding at all. Can you tell me what all would I enter into the graph’s CL script?

Currently I have this entered, which makes the graph show up when the button is pressed:
number(“s_{howGraph}”): when button1.pressCount>0 1 otherwise 0


showGraph = numericValue("\mod(${button1.pressCount},2)")
number("s_{howGraph}"): showGraph

The first line creates a variable that just exists in the CL. The second line sets a variable in the graph to the first.

THANK YOU!!! Literally so excited right now! Here’s an example of it!