Can I hide the action button until points are moved on a graph?

I have a slide where I want students to translate a triangle. I want students to work on the graph and drag the points to where the image should be. I have created an action button that reveals the image but I would like it to appear after the student moves the points.

If this is possible, I would really appreciate some help.

Thank you,

You could have it hidden when the coordinates of the point are equal to the original coordinates. So if the point starts at the origin for example have hidden: graph.number(xCord) = 0 and graph.number(yCord) = 0

Thank you very much, I think that is a great idea but I could not get it to work.
I get a message “Parameters to sinks and sources must be constant.”

Change xCord and yCord to whatever your variable names are and put them in backticks:

hidden: graph.number(`x_1`)=0 and graph.number(`y_1`)=0

Without backticks or quotes, it thinks you’re trying to input variable text, rather than the actual name of the variable from the graph.

Thanks for clarifying - sorry for being ambiguous!

Thank you both very much,
that worked.