Action buttons in a graph

In the Desmos activity “Konigsberg Bridge” there are [Undo] and [Reset] buttons in the Graph itself. Can you share how it’s done, how to turn the image into “clickable” object, and how I capture the fact that a button/image was pressed ?


You need to do it separately in and then import it into an Activity.
For some reason AB does not support this sort of thing in a graph component.

That link didn’t work… “404” warning.
Can you share it again?

When this was posted, I don’t think Actions or Clickable Objects had been officially released. Here is the help section:

Thanks Chris,
I found that doc too, but still couldn’t find an example of what I was trying to do: I wanted to put a button on a graph, and when presses, a hint shape would appear. Any other suggestions?

Here’s something that should help, but let me know if you’re looking for something more specific.

Yes! But how about attaching a timer to it…
As in only reveal for 3 seconds?

Sure! Link

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Perfect! That’s just what I needed.