Disappearing points and lines

Hi all
I am looking for a command in cl that imitates pressing on the circle to the left of objects in the graph.
I have a point of the form “A=(x1,y1)” and a line of the form “x=A.x” that I would like them to disappear when I press a button.
Does anyone know how to do that?

Sure. Is the button an Action button or do you want a thing to click on the graph? And do you want it to reappear if the button is clicked again or just disappear and that’s it?

Its an action button
And yes it will be nice how to reappear things…

Ok, here is one method. I used mod by 2 to alternate show/hide based on the button’s press count. click to toggle line • Activity Builder by Desmos

Thanks a lot just what I needed
I am looking for a manual for the “programming language” being used on the Graphing calculator (like the way you use conditions with curly brackets). Do you know any?

You can start here: https://help.desmos.com/hc/en-us/categories/4406369954701-Graphing-Calculator

it can be hard to find specific things in the documentation sometimes. The most helpful thing is to find activities that people have made that you like, and dig into their graphs to see what’s going on. You can always ask questions here or join the desmos Facebook group and ask there. Desmos also has a YouTube channel with lots of videos that explain different things.

I also made a walkthrough with examples of common things to do in CL, so you may find that helpful. Desmos Computation Layer Tutorial - Google Docs

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Thanks a lot!!!
Looks like just what I needed.