Advanced LaTeX with amsmath/mathtools in Desmos

I want to use the command \underbrace{a+a+a+a+…+a}{b} in the note component, but I can not get it to work. I write this in CL of the note:

math=a\cdot b = \underbrace{a+a+a+...+a}{b} (including the LaTeX delimiters ` around my expression, but they don’t show up here).

and then I insert the math variable in my note. But nothing shows up. However, if I replace \underbrace with \underline the LaTeX input works like a charm (now creating a horizontal line underneath my sum of a’s). So I suspect that it is because the \underbrace command is not a part of basic LaTeX but belongs to the amsmath or mathtools package.

Is there any way to load these packages for use of more advanced LaTeX commands?

Is it by any means possible to use the \underbrace LaTeX command in Desmos?

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

Sadly, the LaTeX options are limited in Desmos. Desmos uses MathQuill for all math formatting, which might have some restrictions in the allowed commands, but Desmos has restricted which commands are recognized even further. For example, limits are not supported. I think they made that particular choice of restrictions because the calculator won’t calculate limits, so they didn’t want limits to be recognized.

Thanks for your reply - what a shame…

BR. Kasper