LaTeX and Desmos Feature Request

I have used LaTeX extensively to produce documents. It would be great if Desmos supported a more extensive implementation of LaTeX in regard to writing notes.For example, I want to enter a question involving
limits. In LaTeX \lim_{x\to 0} f{x}



I get that having latex that the calculator doesn’t know what to do with would throw a wrench in it, but it already handles latex that can’t be graphed (for instance if i type in y= /x, the string displays fine, but there’s no graph). I know this isn’t a trivial ask, but when I’m trying to develop lessons for calc or linear algebra, it would be nice to use the latex for that notation.

My workaround has been to make an image file from my LaTeX and use the media import feature. One problem I’m having is that the font size is not respected. I get a huge image. Can it be scaled?

Limits can be rendered, they’re just inline(see Writing Limits in CL)

A more fulsome answer to this is that Desmos uses Mathquill under the hood. Mathquill itself has a Pull Request on its Github page going back several years for this particular issue with rendering limits as inline rather than {Displaytext}. I’d suggest either asking @Jay or @eric to submit a PR there or to speak with Mathquill about improving this.

That said I believe Desmos itself uses a limited(no pun intended) version of Mathquill, so perhaps the general situation could be improved on the Desmos side of things.

I know there is a general need for better, more robust handling of things such as \cases for piecewise functions and whatnot, so improvements in this area would be most welcome.

Agree also. This would be really useful.