Aggregate Data Including Student Tab

When using the aggregate function in computational layer, it seems as though the aggregate is including the student tab on the teacher dashboard end but not on the student end. I’ll start calling the student preview student by the name Alex to make the writing simple.

When presenting using the teacher dashboard, the instructor will show Alex to the class by projecting Alex. However, Alex shows one extra value because Alex is added to the class data from aggregate. However, all students in the class do not see the value that Alex added, so they are seeing one less than what is being projected. This may be confusing for students as they only see the class data without the Alex and then the instructor maybe be doing work that is including Alex.

This could be working as intended as I’m sure there may be times in which we want Alex included. However, I’m reporting a situation in which Alex should not be included. Maybe the aggregate function needs another parameter to either include Alex or not when the function is being called. Also maybe have it by default do one of the two if the new parameter is not used when calling the function.

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