Need help adding in "students can see other responses"


Putting together a socio-emotional component with graphing from Yale’s Ruler…

Each screen asks students to graph a representative point for a particular emotion. Afterwards, I want students to be able to see other students responses. Is there any way to create an “overlay” screen in the student activity (like in the teacher screen where you can see all aggregate responses). I can deal with the issue by pausing the activity and showing them my teacher screen, but I thought it might be effective if it was embedded into the activity.

Either use sliders for their points (e.g. (x1,y1) ) or name the point (e.g. A). Then you’ll be able to graph aggregated values in another graph:
In new graph CL:

numberList(`X`): aggregate(graph1NameHere.number(`x_1`))
numberList(`Y`): aggregate(graph1NameHere.number(`y_1`))

If you name your point, A, replace x_1 with A.x and y_1 with A.y.

Then, in graph:


I don’t see any reference to this in the docs, it pulls the same named value (x_1) from all students?

It’s in the “Advanced” section. aggregate can collect a single numeric value from all students into a numberList. If multiple aggregates are created, each numberList will be in the same student order as the first list created, ensuring students values coincide correctly (e.g. coordinates of a point).

Any numeric value can be used. A number from a graph, table, or input. A calculation or random variable. It will not accept strings, expressions, equations, or objects.

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Thank you! This was extremely helpful!