Aggregating data into a dotplot

So, I’m using two different activities I’ve found here and I need help with my third screen. My students are rolling the dice on the first screen and inputting the sum. On the second screen, they can see the dot plot of their own data.

I’d like the third screen to show the class data. I got the second and third screens from another activity, but I am very limited in my knowledge of how to do aggregate data as well as editing the graphs appropriately. Can anyone help me out?

Hi Karen,

Here is a copy that aggregates data on screen 3:

One challenge is that aggregate always collects a single number from each student. Since students rolled 12 times, I also used aggregate 12 times to make lists A1, A2, …, A12 that store the results of all the first rolls, all the second rolls, …, and all the twelfth rolls. Then, all twelve lists get joined and fed into the dotplot. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I am hoping to give this a try tomorrow or the next day.

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