Aggregate list from a collaborative dotplot

I am teaching statistics and use dotplots to gather class data. I would like students to enter their individual data, then aggregate that into a collaborative dotplot, then give them a list of data that they can use to find other calculations and graphs. I hope someone can help me,

You can use aggregate to create lists of numeric data (it won’t take strings or lists). Say you have student fill out a table with 3 pieces of data on Slide 1. You would make 3 separate lists for each piece of data. So, on Slide 2 in the graph CL:

numberList("A"): aggregate(yourTableName.cellNumericValue(1,1))
numberList("B"): aggregate(yourTableName.cellNumericValue(2,1))
numberList("C"): aggregate(yourTableName.cellNumericValue(3,1))

This creates 3 lists (A, B, and C) which you can use in any way you like. Note that any particular index is for an individual student, so if you were to collect coordinates of points that students created, they’ll remain linked by their positions in each list. You can also use inputs or graph variables instead of table content, as long as it is a numeric value.

Thank you for responding.
I did this to collect the data on a graph and then make a dot plot on the next screen.
numberList(“N”): aggregate(graph1.number(“a”))
Now I want to take the list of data and just show it in a note, and also use it the calculator to find mean and sd.
Do you know what I could type to get the aggregate list to show in a note on the third screen?
Thanks again.

As far as I know, there’s not any easy way to get a whole list as text. I think you can only get individual elements ( e.g. graph1.number("N").elementAt(1) ). As far as calculations, just create a list, N, in your graph. Perform whatever calculations you like. Then, delete N after you’ve determined there are no problems.

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Thanks for your help.
I did use N for the calculations in a calculator screen.
I’d really like to be able to show a list of data, sometimes we take the data to to perform simulations.
I tried to get the list to populate a table, but no luck. I just started with CL this weekend and have no coding experience. I’ll keep trying :slight_smile: appreciate your help and quick responses!

Does the particular index link to an individual student because all values are coming from the same table? Or is it anywhere within the activity. For example, if I wanted to collect information from an input on slide 1 and then again on slide 5 but want those inputs tied to the same student, will their values fall in the same place in the list or does it depend on when the student submits those values on the slides?

I know for an individual slide, there’s one index for each student (e.g. when collecting coordinates of a point in two lists to aggregate and plot), but not sure for multiple slides. Sounds like a question for a dev. @Jay?

I just tested my activity using two incognito windows (Test 1 and Test 2). On first slide, I had Test 1 submit first. On the next slide, I had Test 2 submit first. The ordered pair using my two aggregated lists seem to be based WHO submitted which is exactly what I hoped!

(At first I thought this didn’t happen because I only had Test 2 submit the second value. So the two lists were A = [Test1, Test 2] and B = [Test 2] so it plotted the point (Test1_A, Test2_B) but once I submitted Test 1’s response for the next slide, it was corrected. ie A = [Test 1, Test 2] and B = [Test 1, Test 2] )

Awesome! I wonder if it just has NaN in a slot (i.e. once an entry is made for one aggregated list, all others create a placeholder). Good to know!