Angular Brackets

Is there a way to create angular brackets in Desmos? I know I can use the less than and greater than symbols but it’s not quite the same.

I tried using the latex code: \langle and \rangle in the math type code (e.g. \langlex\rangle) but when I view the note nothing shows up.

I’m trying to write vectors in component form.

I just googled angle brackets, then copy/pasted these ⟨ ⟩ .

It’s strange that this code

`\langle {x} `

will give a pale \rangle. If you put braces, you can make sure it shows up in the correct place:

`\langle {\frac{a}{b} and \ other} + more`

Perhaps the \rangle code is broken?

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Thanks, I just copied them in as well

Wow - that is strange