Animate Plotting a Point (table to graph with button)

Looking to teach “how to plot a point” while doing distance learning… I’ve done the Awesome Coordinate Plane with kids, and I’d like to offer kids a visual of plotting a point.

I have it all setup, with the exception of the animations and delay. I need help with animating the dashed line and delaying the point to reveal.
After clicking “Try it”, I’d like the x-line to start at the origin and grow to the x value, then rise (or lower) to the y value. At that time the Point would would reveal and reward with the Bullseye.

Maybe more than you’d want to change now, but you could use an input where students are required to enter the coordinates using correct notation. Then, for your graph CL:

number(“x_1”): numericValue(parseOrderedPair(targetInput4.latex).x)
number(“y_1”): numericValue(parseOrderedPair(targetInput4.latex).y)

Check @Jay’s example here: