Animating a Student Point

I created the slide above to help students learn how to write coordinates for points on an xy plane. However, I would like the points that the student inputs to animate and appear after the “check” button has been clicked. I’ve done this for graphing student submitted lines, but can’t figure out the points. Any help would be greatly appreaciated!

Not sure what you want your animation to be. You can conditionally show points by putting a restriction next to one of the coordinates (inside the parentheses, not outside). Hopefully that helps get you started.

I want the student point to start at the origin and then move diagonally to the coordinate they provided. My thought it was that it would act as visual feedback for the student to fix their answer.

I know I have seen this before. So I know that it is possible.

Make a function basically in point slope form

a(x)=A.y/A.x (x-A.x)+A.y

I’m not experienced with animating things. I assume a variable using timeSincePress in concert with whatever range you want on the graph. In this case, [0,A.x] with whatever variable you use to calculate, say t.


Check out this Desmos Live episode from a little while back. Suzanne gives some extremely practical methods for using animation. Pick it up around the 20 minute mark.

In the past, I have used a table and assigned each cell to a x-value (column 1) and y-value (column 2)

To do this I used this CL for the graph:


In the graphing calculator, I wrote the point (X,Y).