Animating reflection in CL based on student ans

I’m building on a great activity by Suzanne von Oy that was shared publicly, and I’m not sure I fully understand the scripting.
The question is about identifying the type of symmetry (reflection over x, reflection over y, or rotational about the origin). If a student selects (incorrectly) ‘reflection over y,’ the graph will animate to show a reflection over y to make it apparent that it’s not that. However, I’ve tried to write similar script to make it animate whenever a student (incorrectly) selects ‘reflection over x.’ I can’t get it to run the visual reflection when that’s the case. I’ve simplified it down to this one slide here:

I appreciate any feedback!

The graph that shows the reflection over the x-axis hasn’t been turned to visible in the graph. If you click on the hollow dot on the left to turn them visible, and then hold down that same dot to bring up the style menu, you can set this to however you want it:


Thank you; I noticed in your screenshot that you had created a slider for I_3. It turns out that all I needed to do was create that slider, set the hollow dots to visible, and then delete the slider again for all of it to work. Thank you!

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