Simple transformations of graphs animation

Hi all,

I am at an intermediate level in using computation layer, but most of the script I have written thus far has dealt with giving students feedback for math response, multiple choice, and ordered list blocks.

I am starting a new unit on transformations of functions in algebra 2 soon and want to learn how to create simple animations that run automatically in graph blocks. I don’t know if this is possible, but if it is, any help is greatly appreciated.

I am familiar with the fullscreen graphing calculator block that students can manipulate themselves; playing sliders, changing values, etc. My main question is: How can I get a simple slider animation to run on a non-fullscreen graph block (if possible)? Ideally, I would like the animation to just play on a loop.

Here is a link to the slide that I would like to create the simple animation for. On this slide, I simply want the sliders to be activated automatically so the transformed graph will be animated for students to see.

I think what really helped me with using animations was this Desmos Live session a few years ago with Suzanne von Oy Animation from DesmosLive.
This along with the action features really opened up a lot of stuff that can engage students.

Here is a little animation added to one of the graphs.

Thank you! I will check these out.